“Our goal is to create a beloved community. This will require a qualitative change in our souls. as well as a quantitative change in our lives.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Project Y.E.S. is Here for You!

Choices Interlinking Inc is pleased to partner with local and national partners including America’s Promise and My Brother’s Keeper Alliance as the Y.E.S. (Young Employed, Successful) initiative is re-ignited. This project combines job readiness skills with job training for those underserved young adults who have committed to improving their life circumstances.   Job opportunities include flexible and responsive environmental justice engagement including preservation and restoration; alternative building for affordable housing; computer technology innovation; community development; systemic and structural reform, and more. Special scholarships are available to encourage vulnerable youth to pursue their visions of being stewards for reformation and transformation.

Email: peecetoday@gmail.com for more information. Subject line YES for job opportunities.

The Movement for Equity Made History Last Month


 The White House and 90 federal agencies rolled out the first-ever racial equity action plans in our country’s history. 

 The Biden administration issued a day-one executive order that mandated federal agencies to reevaluate and rehaul their programs to advance racial equity. 

Advocates and partners will continue to design a new set of equity standards that will both support and hold the federal government accountable to implement plans. In practical terms, that means establishing shared metrics for accountability so that our movements can drive, track, and accelerate the federal government’s progress.  

 Equity cannot be an add-on or afterthought in government systems –– it must be core to the design of every program, policy, and regulation. Michael McAfee, PolicyLink CEO and President

Climate Justice and Joy Celebration

The Gulf South deserves a future where we can sustain our way of life without selling our land, water, and air to the oil and gas industries. On June 4th, we’re celebrating that future at the Gulf Gathering for Climate Justice and Joy in Baton Rouge. 

This free, family-friendly festival will be filled with food, music, and people ready to celebrate and protect the places we call home. What are you celebrating and protecting? Can you join us?R

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Action for the People!

   You are invited!    The Women’s Center for Justice: A New Vision for Women in NYC Jails
Join virtually OR in person!   May 17, 2022 at 1:00pm In-Person at Riverside Church, 490 Riverside Drive, New York, NY Virtually on Zoom- A Plan for Structural Change
Please Register to attend:
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Why, Who, Where?
With the closing of Rikers Island, New York City has a unique opportunity to revolutionize the treatment of women and gender-expansive people who are currently at the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers.    The Prison and Jail Innovation Lab at the University of Texas at Austin, Columbia University Justice Lab and Center for Justice, former NYC Department of Correction Commissioner Vincent SchiraldiWomen’s Community Justice Association and HR&A Advisors have collaborated on a report detailing the design, model and operations of “The Women’s Center for Justice,” a first-of-its kind gender-responsive, trauma-informed facility. The report calls for New York City and State to transform the Lincoln Correctional site at West 110th Street into a site for women and gender-expansive people that breaks the traditional model of jail with a “Reentry at Entry” approach and holistic care that ends the cycle of incarceration.

EPA Releases Equity Action Plan for Environmental Justice and Civil Rights

This Equity Action Plan seeks to break through barriers and advance equity and justice for all communities.

The Equity Action Plan aligns with the Agency’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2026 EPA Strategic Plan, announced March 28, 2022. EPA’s final Strategic Plan includes, for the first time, an unprecedented strategic goal to advance environmental justice and civil rights.

Priority actions include:

Developing a comprehensive framework for considering cumulative impacts in relevant EPA decisions and operationalize that framework in EPA’s programs and activities.


Structural and Environmental Racism

What is the Connection?

Both disproportionately target people of color, particularly Black people for lasting detrimental harm. Both require awareness, acknowledgment, and proactive systemic movement for meaningful positive changes.

Columbia Justice Lab may offer some insights.
REGISTER to Join  February 28 at 1:00pm EDT for a moderated discussion about centering racial justice and equity in efforts to transform youth justice.“Taking on Transformation: Racial Justice & Equity” is the second event in a series on the growing movement to end the use of a punitive youth prison model in favor of a more community-centered approach.


Are aged 17-25

Have ambition and a desire to be a part of the


 for racial and social disparities

Are willing to work together with others to create positive changes including

More Jobs and housing opportunities

If the answer is yes, email

Peecetoday@gmail.com for more info.

Introductory Zoom meeting

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Email or Text 928-458-6266

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Confronting the Philosophy of Taking Without Putting back

President Obama joined the United Nations Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COPs26) in November to discuss and advance collective agreements to address the global climate crisis. He highlighted the importance of youth involvement in the structuring of our fuuture. President Obama joined local, national, and international climate activists from around the world at the recent climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Colette Pichon Battle of New Orleans who led a delegation sponsored by the Gulf Coast Center on Law and Policy stated:

“Reparations is not just money: its policy and agreement that this will never happen again. It is an apology and an acknowledgment that what you have done is wrong… “

– Colette Pichon Battle

Black Residents are Disproportionately at Risk!

The lives and health of Black residents are disproportionately at risk from fossil fuel pollution.

“If EPA, the federal government, state governments and local governments had been doing things correctly, we wouldn’t be here. There’s obviously a problem with the way we have implemented our laws and, quite frankly, there may be a problem with the existing law. We need to determine whether even existing law, if followed, is protective enough.” Micheal Regan, EPA Director

Is EPA’s recent response an historic and a ‘radical change in tone’? 

Tell EPA to Regulate Injection Wells Used for Fracking Waste

Injection wells are spilling over and harming innocent people and the planet with no intervention or concern from officials. 

I call on you, our national environmental protection agency, to intervene where others have failed. Poor communities and people of color are particular targets of this neglect and harm.

Texas and other states have failed in their regulatory responsibilities. The federal government must intervene!

Written comments can be submitted up to December 2, 2021. Submit your comments to Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-AO-2021-0683 by one of the following methods:
• www.regulations.gov: Follow the online instructions for submitting comments to Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-AO-2021-0683.
• Email: Send comments by email to wheja@epa.gov, Attention Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-AO-2021-0683.
• Webform: Use the webform at https://www.epa.gov/environmentaljustice/white-house-environmental-justice-advisory-council#whejacmeeting and email any additional materials to whejac@epa.gov.